The year is 1991. An outbreak of Zombies has appeared and destroyed most of humanity. Only a few pockets of survivors and bandits remain. Can you survive?

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Character creation

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1 Character creation on Fri Apr 03, 2009 6:39 pm

Ok, now we move on to making your character.

You have two choices.
A human citizen,
or a zombie.

Now if you were an ordinary zombie, that would suck. You would be basically invincible except for the head.
If you want to be a zombie, look in Special Zombies.

Anyway, as a citizen, you obviously have a job. Unless you're a hobo.
You are allowed to be in the military, but those might be people who are moderators.

As a citizen, anything can be used as a weapon. Keep in mind that your weapon has to be LEGAL. You can't be a citizen with a flamethrower, or bazooka, or any weapon of ULTIMATE POWER.
You are able to have firearms, but your character must have a lisence.
Any moderators act as the police or military. (I will control the major zombie hordes and stuff like that.)

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